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Reading: Why Crucial Experiments Are Not Impossible


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Why Crucial Experiments Are Not Impossible


Eunice Tse

London School of Economics, GB
About Eunice

For her helpful comments and suggestions I would like to thank Rosa Runhardt.

BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method student at the (2013-2017). Her main fields of interest are political philosophy, logic and existentialism. She hopes to enjoy her forthcoming year abroad, after which she will hopefully know what she actually wants to do.

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This paper argues that a crucial experiment is not impossible in physics, as long as one takes an instrumentalist perspective. A crucial experiment definitely decides between two competing theories. Although Duhem argues that such experiments are impossible, as there is always the possibility of a third, hitherto unconsidered theory, this paper argues that it is possible to defend crucial experiments from an instrumentalist viewpoint, and furthermore, that such a stance is more desirable as it allows for scientific progress.

How to Cite: Tse, E., 2015. Why Crucial Experiments Are Not Impossible. Rerum Causae, 7(2), pp.193–199.
Published on 01 Jul 2015.
Peer Reviewed


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