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Reading: How to Deal with the Asymmetry of Rational Requirements


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How to Deal with the Asymmetry of Rational Requirements


Philip Fox

Universität Bayreuth DE; University of Oxford, GB
About Philip

I thank Julian Fink, Donal Khosrowi and Jan Grohn for their detailed and very helpful comments on different versions of this essay.

BA Philosophy & Economics student. His main areas of interest are metaethics, normative theory and philosophy of science.

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This essay takes issue with the ‘Asymmetry Objection’ against wide-scope rational requirements. This objection claims that wide-scope requirements are defective in that they do not account for normative asymmetries. Normative asymmetries occur if some of the processes that satisfy a particular requirement are morally, prudentially or rationally inferior to alternative processes. This essay presents a conceptual account of rationality as one among various normative dimensions, which then elucidates how other normative dimensions like morality can provide the necessary resources to resolve problematic asymmetries. The essay concludes that there is no need to abandon wide-scope rational requirements.

How to Cite: Fox, P., 2014. How to Deal with the Asymmetry of Rational Requirements. Rerum Causae, 6(1), pp.37–54.
Published on 01 Jan 2014.
Peer Reviewed


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