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Reading: The Case for Kidney Sales


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The Case for Kidney Sales


Korbinian Rueger

Bayreuth, DE
About Korbinian
BA Philosophy and Economics
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In every country where transplantation of human organs takes place, there is a shortage of transplant kidneys. As a result, many people die or suffer severely while waiting for a kidney. In almost all of these countries it is illegal to buy or sell human kidneys. This short paper is a contribution to the current debate about whether we should introduce a regulated living donor organ market in order to increase the number of available kidneys. The moral question central to this debate is whether we should allow people to sell their own body parts and have them removed while they are alive. Here it is argued that while there are possible objections to permitting kidney sales, they ultimately do not succeed in justifying a complete ban, and the current ban of kidney sales is therefore morally highly problematic.

How to Cite: Rueger, K., 2013. The Case for Kidney Sales. Rerum Causae, 4(1), pp.64–73.
Published on 01 Jan 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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