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Reading: What Do We Owe the Global Poor?


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What Do We Owe the Global Poor?


Paul Hufe

Bayreuth, DE
About Paul
MA Philosophy and Economics
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Discourse on socioeconomic globalization has become unconceivable without calls for distributive justice. Among different philosophical accounts widespread allegiance is gained by the idea of humanitarianism. However, we ought to ask whether the poor’s sufficiency to survive discharges the comparatively better-off from further redistributive obligations. This essay attempts to advance an answer to this question by investigating which grounds of justice appear plausible in the given context. First, I will reject purely relational accounts of redistributive justice, which – in light of the empirical facts – de facto exclude large parts of the global population from the realm of justice. Second, I will outline that distributive justice comprises relational and non-relational features. However, to bestow content on the former the preliminary condition of equal opportunity to participation in the socioeconomic world order has to be satisfied, the imposition of which then becomes the liability of the comparatively better-off.

How to Cite: Hufe, P., 2013. What Do We Owe the Global Poor?. Rerum Causae, 4(1), pp.40–47.
Published on 01 Jan 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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