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Reading: Evolutionary Theory and Empirical Content


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Evolutionary Theory and Empirical Content


Mikolaj Tajchman

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B.Sc. Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method
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There is a category of objections against the theory of evolution by natural selection that is of particular interest to philosophy (of science), namely attempting to show that evolutionary theory is empty of empirical content (or unfalsifiable), and thus not a science. In particular, opponents of evolutionary theory often claim that: 1) the theory makes no testable predictions, 2) that it makes too many predictions, i.e. it can easily be rendered all-explanatory, and 3) that it is trivially true, or tautologous. In this paper, said objections are identified, analysed in some detail, and refuted.

How to Cite: Tajchman, M., 2011. Evolutionary Theory and Empirical Content. Rerum Causae, 3(1), pp.35–44.
Published on 01 Jan 2011.
Peer Reviewed


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