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Reading: Is racial proling racist?


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Is racial proling racist?


Anna Bartsch

About Anna

Anna Bartsch is a 3rd year BSc Philosophy and Economics student. Her main field of interest public policy questions (distributive and social justice matters mostly).

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We can imagine a model society in which racial profiling is the most effective method in reducing crime, produces more benefits than it incurs costs and it is carried out dispassionately. I argue that still, racial profiling of societally disadvantaged groups would be racist. On the other hand, racial profiling of groups which are not societally disadvantaged would not be racist. Whether a given instance of racial profiling is racist depends crucially on: i) our definition of "racist", ii) whether we accept that racial profiling merely causes expressive harm, and iii) whether the harm caused is oppressive. This essay shall be proceed in three steps: first, I will justify a particular definition of "racist". Secondly, I will argue that the harm from racial profiling is not merely expressive. Lastly, I will give a brief account of how the harm from racial profiling is oppressive.

How to Cite: Bartsch, A., 2016. Is racial proling racist?. Rerum Causae, 8(1), pp.30–36.
Published on 01 Jan 2016.
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